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No other website gets you as close to being in the same room with the band as

Our band videos are recorded live so that you can see exactly what it takes to ensure you and your guests enjoy the celebration of your lives. 

What do you want in a wedding band?

THOUSANDS of premium performances mean our bands know exactly how to make your wedding celebration the night of your lives.  They bring the young - and the not so young – onto the floor and don’t let them off ALL NIGHT LONG, engaging with all of your guests like no other can. 

 And we can prove it! proves it with all live recordings of actual performances so what you see is what you get.  Have you noticed how 90% of other band videos use pre-recorded tracks behind a slide show, or have to splice together multiple performances in order to create the vibe you desire?  We don’t have to hide behind bells and whistles.  We keep it real because we can!